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Nyung Nye Fasting Retreat Dec 4 5 2021

Nyung Nye is a purification practice with fasting and prostrations. It is a widespread Buddhist practice in the Himalayan region, originating in Tibet. A great purification for body, speech and mind, this practice can open your heart to compassion while accumulating much merit.

The Nyung Nye requires two full days of practice, preceded by the Four-armed Chenrezig-Avalokiteshvara empowerment (for those who have not yet taken the empowerment).

On the two full days of actual Nyung Nye practice, you take the Eight Mahayana precepts known as Tekchen Sojong vows daily. You then practise Nyung Nye in at least four daily sessions, with sadhana recitations, mantras and prostrations, led by Rinpoche on Zoom. (In Australia, because of the time differences Rinpoche will lead several sessions a day, and Australian practitioners will lead several later sessions). 

After beginning the retreat, you only have one meal, vegetarian, in the middle of the first full day of practice, and may drink only water – and importantly, you must keep silence. 

Important Health advice: All are welcome to nyung nye retreat. Please note during this retreat full prostrations are asked of the students. it is important to learn how to do full prostrations properly and safely, according to the tibetan tradition, before you start. if you are unable to do prostrations because of limitations the student can continue to mediTate and say mantra recitations. Thoughout the retreat please be mindful of how youR body is feeling and make adjustments to your prostrations and/or fasting limits. ( Gaden for the West )

Suggested donation: $13 2 Days of recording mp3 and video about 18 hours plus Green Tara Sadhana and instructions download 1 Zip file

Nyung Nye Fasting Retreat Dec 3 4 2021 Zoom

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