Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. What media and format are the teachings available in?
A. Where available we will offer the teachings in several media: Audio (MP3 format, both downloadable and MP3 CD), Video (physical DVD, due to the size of the files), and Text (Adobe PDF). We intend to offer downloadable ZIP (archive of multiple sessions) files, and individual session downloads to give you the opportunity to pick which format and media is best for you.

Q. Where does the money I donate go?
A. First to the host for files storage and payment processing. We pay 5% plus US $.25 per transaction. The remainder is gathered in a Paypal account and paid out periodically to the various charities supported by Zasep Rinpoche.

Q. Can I request a teaching to be posted?
A. Absolutely! If you have a recording of a teaching you’d like to see uploaded, or are just looking for a specific teaching you attended and would like to hear again, please use the contact form and include as many details (where, when, what, etc.). We’ll do our best to help you. We continue to expand the teachings available as we gather recordings from around the world.

Q. I’m unable to download a file, or the file is not playing properly for me. What do I do?
A. Please note the title and page for the file and use the contact form to let us know. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. It takes so long to download a file. Can I stream an audio or video file?
A. Not yet, but we’re looking into it!

Q. I’ve bought and downloaded the ZIP archive file for a teaching. What do I do to access the teachings?
A. ZIP files are a compressed archive of multiple files. On a Windows PC you can use the free program 7Zip to uncompress them. You can download 7Zip here. On a Macintosh, just double-click on the file to uncompress.

Q. Why are some teachings restricted?
A. Traditionally a student needs to be well-prepared to receive the higher Tantric teachings. A teacher then gives the student an “empowerment” or initiation which plants the seed for the teaching to ripen to fruition, and gives the student permission to practice. Such teachings are generally restricted to students who have undergone this process with a qualified teacher. We honour this tradition, and request that you verify your status to download these types of teachings. Just use the contact form to let us know which teaching you’d like access to, and where, when and from whom you received permission or empowerment in that teaching.