Vajrasattva Sadhana Commentary Sept 20 2015 Zuru Ling

Vajrasattva is great Buddha of purification. Vajrasattva literally means, diamond like clear and powerful mind. The initiation of Vajrasattva is given by Lama for the students new or some one who has been practising Dharma for a while. Vajrasattva practise is also preparation for taking further high Tanric practises. Vajrasattva practise powerful method of purifying body speech and mind and Karmas of the past and present time. Once you received this initiation, you are qualified to do the sadhana and 100 syllable Mantra of Vajrsattva, which can be very powerful, it all depends on your motivation and dedication to the practice. Vajrasattva practice is one of the four foundation practices on the path of enlightenment of Buddha according toTibetan Buddhism. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to practice Vajrasattva meditation in this age.

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Vajrasattva Sadhana Commentary Sept 20 2015